Below is a list of open EV positions

Postdoc at Centre for BioNano Interactions at University College Dublin
CBNI Post-doctoral research fellow posit[...]
PDF-Dokument [166.0 KB]
Early Stage Research position in a Marie Curie network
Early Stage Researchers__FINAL__10.11.20[...]
PDF-Dokument [843.3 KB]
Project Manager position in a Marie Curie network
Project Manager position__FINAL__10.11.2[...]
PDF-Dokument [280.8 KB]
Scientist position in the Institute for Transfusion Medicine Essen
Scientist_University Clinic Essen.pdf
PDF-Dokument [131.5 KB]

GSEV was represented at

- the Annual Meeting of the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) in Saarbrucken (26-29 September 2017) with a talk and a poster from Gregor Fuhrmann

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