Below is a list of open EV positions

Hematopoietic stem cell research: Dr. Hannes Klump ( and Prof. Dr. Bernd Giebel ( are searching for two talented PhD students to study aspects of Hox transcription factors during embryonal (mouse and human) and definitive (human) hematopoiesis. Although information is provided in German, international applications are very welcome. See advertisement below.

PhD positions University Clinics Essen
Stellenausschreibung Nr. 848 PhD Transfu[...]
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PhD position at the Helmholtz Institute Saarbrücken
PDF-Dokument [140.7 KB]
PhD position at University Marburg
PDF-Dokument [204.7 KB]
Postdoc position at University Marburg
PDF-Dokument [205.0 KB]
Junior research groupe leader position at University Marburg
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New Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher Position position available:

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