2nd Autumn Meeting GSEV-ASEV                    November 28-29, 2019 Freising

This year's GSEV autumn meeting will be a joint meeting of two societies GSEV and ASEV. The GSEV-ASEV meeting will be organized by Michael Pfaffl and colleagues from the German Society of EV (GSEV), Andreas Spittler and Viktoria Weber from the Austrian Society of EV

The event will take place at the Technical University of Munich, TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan in Freising from 28-29th of November 2019 in Lecture Hall 16.

Focus of the joint GSEV-ASEV meeting will be on oral and poster presentations of young scientistic and PhD students.

Invited overview talks by keynote speakers will open the sessions (to be announced).

The following topics are planned:
- Methodological improvements, ... how to isolate pure EVs
- MISEV guidelines, ... how to characterize EVs correctly
- Diagnostic EVs, ... new and early biomarkers
- Therapeutic EVs, ... the new potentials
- EVs in physiology, ... release, uptake, and effects
- ... and more


We look forward to seeing you in Freising.


Annual Meeting of the German Society for Extracellular Vesicles - March 2020

The Annual Meeting of GSEV 2020 will again take place in March 2020 in Frankfurt and as a joint meeting with IGLD.


More information to follow soon.

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