Meet the executive board members

The GSEV board was elected on 26 October 2023 at the Annual Meeting in Malaga, Spain

Dr. Kerstin Menck

GSEV president


Kerstin Menck is a junior research group leader at the University of Münster. Her research is focused on understanding the biogenesis and function of EVs in cancer in order to develop novel biomarkers and therapeutics.

Prof. Dr. Janis Müller

GSEV Vize president


Janis Müller is junior professor for virology at the Philipps University Marburg. He is fascinated by the overlap of EV and virus biology and studies how EVs in body fluids interfere with viral infection and transmission.


Dr. Christian Preußer

GSEV executive secretary


Christian Preußer is head of the EV Core Facility at the Philipps University Marburg, where he is involved in a wide range of EV-related topics. His own research is focused on the biochemical characterization of EVs in cancer.

Prof. Dr. Michael Pfaffl

GSEV board member (treasurer)


Michael Pfaffl is adjunct professor for animal physiology and immunology at the TUM school of life sciences. His team performs biomarker research and develops tools for analysis of EV-associated nucleic acids. He serves as treasurer in the GSEV board since 2019.

Prof. Dr. Julia Groß

GSEV board member (public relations)


Julia Gross is a professor of biochemistry and prorector of research at the private Health and Medical university in Potsdam. She serves as editor in Chief of the annual GSEV journal „Trillium Extracellular Vesicles“. Her research focuses on the biology of EVs and their roles in cell signaling, protein regulation and Wnt signaling.

Dr. Daniel Bachurski

GSEV board member (public relations)


Daniel Bachurski is a physician-scientist at the Department I of Internal Medicine at the University of Cologne. His research is focused on elucidating the role of chronic lymphocytic leukemia-derived EVs in the tumor microenvironment by developing single-cell methods to analyze EV recipients.

Tobias Tertel

GSEV board member (public relations)


Tobias Tertel is a researcher at the University Hospital Essen, deeply immersed in the study of EVs, particularly their characterization using imaging flow cytometry. With an ambition to bridge the gap between research and clinical applications, he is also paving the way for introducing MSC-derived EVs into therapeutic settings.

Dr. Kendra Maaß

GSEV board member (reporting secretary)


Kendra Maaß is lab head at the DKFZ and Hopp Children’s Cancer Center in Heidelberg. Her team investigates EV pathways as pediatric tumor vulnerabilities focusing on fast clinical translation by repurposing FDA-approved drugs.

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